DBS Consulting Ltd helps you to follow a structured testing methodology that can improve your product and your customers’ perception of your company. The main objective of a well-planned testing phase is to test the functionality, usability and stability of the product against a baselined requirement.

Regardless of whether you are a big or a small software house and regardless of the size of the software project, we can help by working closely with your team or by undertaking to perform the specialised testing for you.

We have proven experience in managing testing for the private and public sector clients alike including numerous clinical NHS systems.

Our services cover

  • Analysis and verification of testing phases
  • Creation, maintenance and execution of the test plan
  • Design and creation of formal test documentation including test scenarios and test scripts
  • Test scripts execution
  • Verification and development of user acceptance testing specifications
  • Production of a test report following the completion of work
  • Summarising the details of the applied testing and quality assurance methodology for external parties
  • Providing relevant reports and metrics

DBS Consulting Ltd provides experienced testers who think technically, creatively, critically and practically.